Personalised care means you have more choice and control over the way your healthcare is planned and delivered.

Personalised care focuses on what matters to you, as well as your circumstances and preferences.

There are different aspects to personalised care:

Making the right healthcare choices for you: Working in partnership with healthcare professionals.

Patient choice: Choosing the right option for you.

Social prescribing and community support: Connecting you with help and support in your local community.

Personalised care and support planning: Designing your own plan, supported by healthcare professionals.

Personal health budgets: Managing your own budget and choosing the support you need.

Supported self-management: Supporting you to have the knowledge, skills and confidence to better manage your health.

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Further information and opportunities

Would you like to have your say on the future of personalised care?

  • NHS England's Peer Leadership Development Programme is a free online personal development programme for people with lived experience. This course is open to everyone but is mainly aimed at people with long-term conditions and disabilities and their carers who want to improve their situation by gaining knowledge of personalised care. To find out more, visit the NHS England website.

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