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Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the main cause of death in England. Heart and circulatory diseases cause more than a quarter of all deaths in the UK, that’s nearly 170,000 deaths each year -an average of 460 deaths each day or one every three minutes in the UK. We need to do more to prevent, detect and control the conditions that can lead to CVD.

Birmingham and Solihull Healthy Hearts aims to ensure that the best possible information and support’ are available if you have, or are at risk of, coronary heart disease or stroke. We want to help you know how best to avoid heart disease and stroke, and how to make the right lifestyle choices to reduce your chances of being affected

Birmingham and Solihull Healthy Hearts has been  developed collaboratively  with the involvement of Health services including Pharmacists, local authorities, charities, and other partners across Birmingham and Solihull's initiative bringing our local GPs and hospital specialists together to help and support people living with a long-term condition.

But most of all, we want to get you and your family involved by ensuring you have the best possible information, care and treatment to keep you as fit and healthy as possible - reducing your risk of heart attack or stroke.

Do you smoke, drink too much alcohol (or binge drink), not get enough exercise, or are you overweight, obese or diabetic? If you can answer “yes” or even “maybe” to any of these, you are at risk of heart disease or stroke. Now is the time to act to reduce your risk.

It's never too late to make positive changes to how you live your day to day life. There are huge benefits to stopping smoking, being more active, limiting alcohol intake and eating more healthily.

There are a number of things you can do to reduce your risk of Cardiovascular Disease. Click the website link to read more about how you can help to keep your heart happy.