There is a local Healthwatch in every area of England. People speak to them about what they think of local services, and Healthwatch then share their views and experiences with those in charge of local care. Healthwatch also share people’s experiences with Healthwatch England, so that it can identify issues affecting people across the country and inform changes to services. 

Your local Healthwatch is there to listen to what you like about services and what you think could be improved. No matter how big or small the issue, they want to hear about it.

Where possible, your local Healthwatch will let you know when changes are planned to services in your area and help you have a say. They will also encourage those in charge of local care to involve you when changes are being planned to services.

You can also speak to Healthwatch to find information about health and social care services available locally.

HWB_Feedback_Badge_Pink_Small_F.jpegHealthwatch Birmingham is the independent champion for health and social care services. They exist to ensure people are at the heart of care. They provide patients and the public with ways to feedback and have a stronger say about the services they use. They listen to what people like about services, and what could be improved. This could be about general practices, hospitals, dentists, opticians, pharmacists, nursing and residential homes or care you receive in the community.

Healthwatch Birmingham has the power to ensure that those organisations that design, run or regulate NHS and social care listen to people’s views and act on them. People’s experiences prompt and lead Healthwatch Birmingham's activities and investigations, with their reports focusing on improving services for everyone. They also encourage services to involve patients and the public in decisions that affect them.

Through their Information and Signposting Line, Healthwatch Birmingham also helps people find out the information they need about services in their area.

People sharing their experiences can make a big difference. Their aim is to help make health and care services better for patients, their families and their community.

Speaking to Healthwatch Birmingham is easy – people can feedback about specific services through their online Feedback Centre, by calling 0800 652 5278 or 0121 636 0990, by emailing info@healthwatchbirmingham.co.uk or speaking in-person at a community engagement events.

In summary, Healthwatch Birmingham is here to:

  • Help people find out about local health and social care services

  • Listen to what people think of services

  • Help improve the quality of services by making people’s views known with those designing, running and regulating services.

To read the 2019-20 annual report, click here.

To read the 2020-21 annual report, click here.

To read the 2021-22 annual report, click here.

Healthwatch_Solihull.pngHealthwatch Solihull is the independent champion for people who use health and social care services in the Solihull borough. They listen to what people think is good about local services and what could be improved. You can share information with Healthwatch Solihull about GP surgeries, dentists, pharmacies, hospitals, mental health services, local care homes, home care services or any other publicly-funded health and social care service.

Healthwatch Solihull then take what you have told them to people who run, regulate and commission health and social care services in the borough with the aim of shaping future health and social care services for the better. Together, they provide a collective voice for people using health and social care services in the local area and act as a critical friend in the continuous improvement of local health and social care services.  

What can Healthwatch Solihull do for you?

If you have had a poor experience of any health and social care service in the area, you can share your experience with Healthwatch Solihull so they can make steps towards ensuring such things do not continue to happen. You can leave feedback here.  

Likewise, Healthwatch Solihull also want to hear if you have had a good experience with a service, felt supported or if you were happy with how you were treated so they can share good practice with services in the area. 

Healthwatch Solihull provide an information and signposting service, and regularly run events, engagement activities and hold drop-in sessions in your local area. You can find Healthwatch Solihull on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on their website, or by calling them on their freephone number.

To read the 2020/21 annual report, click here.